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bluesmancd's Journal

29 August 1969
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I am a musician, mostly known as a blues guitarist, but I have played a little bit of everything at one time or another. My day jobs have included being a cannery worker, soldier, cook (never again), guitar teacher, IC board assembly, music store salesman, courier, video game tester, QA tester for educational software, and back to more computer game testing after the Educational company got bought out by a corporate raider (still a shame). I have been a testing temp for eight years (gotta love the "new" corporate economy).

I spend way too much time at the computer online, or playing games, sometimes drawing, lots of times reading comics of various types.

Despite my love of performing on stage, I am generally introverted and introspective one on one. I continue to try to develop better social skills in public. I consider myself and life as a continuing "work in progess".